Friday, July 18, 2014

Pirate101 Missing Pets: Will we ever find 'em???

I have to say that since the last update, i've been working hard to find these unkown hybrids that Decius DuelMaster has been talking about. (see the image below)

 I've tried different hatches but non of them paid off, i always keep getting the same old pets that i had or the same pets that i hatched with, it's been really frustrating so i turned my focus on other things, for example  pet PvP and i've noticed after a few fights that i've been encountering some pets that were exact copies of the known pets we have so far but with different names and different stats, and i also fought some new pets that i couldn't find anywhere in the Pirate101 official pet databases, so without further ado here are some of the pets that i've discovered from pet PvP:
Chestnut Buffaloon
Thundering Buffaloon
Ranchero Buffaloon
Pecos Buffaloon
Concord Buffaloon
Ghost Of Days To Come
Jingle Rattler
Embracing Rattler
Friendly Hugtopus
Happiness Lion
Frosty Snow Lion
Caroline Budgie
Bone Drake
Longhorn Jackalope(sry my Gun is in the way)
Jungle Chameleon

After a talk with the one and only miss Kelsey Fireheart about these new pets that we might encounter in pet PvP, she confirmed that they might be game card pets that will be coming out soon, some will be out this December due to the Christmas names, as for the rest they might be coming to the crown shop in the upcoming days.

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